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Photo Booth: Boo at the Zoo

Last weekend, a multitude of costumed children and adults invaded the Denver Zoo in search of lions, tigers and candy. The air was chilly, and most kids were wearing winter jackets over their Spider-Man and Elsa costs, however, the cold did not deter them from enjoying the 33rd annual Boo at the Zoo.

Photo: Kalob McConnell – CU Sentry

In addition to the myriad of animals to observe and enjoy, guests were presented with face painting booths, several different games, a pumpkin patch, and magic shows. The family-friendly environment gave the children the chance to learn about animals while trick-or-treating at the many different booths set up around the park.

To demonstrate Halloween spirit, the park was decorated with pumpkin carvings, animatronic dinosaur statues, and jack-o’-lantern sculptures. As the kids wandered the zoo, traipsing over fallen amber leaves, they had the opportunity to visit several special guests. Jack Sparrow, Moana, Tinker Bell, and several other characters from Frozen were located at different places throughout the zoo, providing a magical photo-op worthy of the family scrapbook.

Despite the crisp nipping of approaching winter, the Denver Zoo managed to create a memorable for everyone who visited. Some people came to trick-or-treat, others came for the animals, and a few turned up to show off their fantastic Halloween attire. But despite why they came, the children were adorable, the animals were entertaining, and the decorations were phenomenal. Halloween doesn’t always have to be a time of terror and gore.

Photo: Kalob McConnell – CU Sentry

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