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Monthly Archives: October 2017

The Horrors | V: Album Review

Artist: V Album: The Horrors Release date: Sept 22nd, 2017 On Sept. 22, British band The Horrors released their fifth album, V, following their previous album, Luminous, which was released in 2014. This album combines futuristic, technological sounds with upbeat and groovy lyrics, setting the

Macklemore | Glorious: Music Video Review

Artist: Macklemore Song: Glorious Release date: July 6th, 2017 Macklemore is back with an upbeat anthem titled “Glorious.” The song is amusing and contagiously cheerful, and it’s coupled with visuals that will melt anyone’s heart. The video opens with Macklemore surprising his grandma, Helen Schott,

Haunted Field of Screams screens horror flicks

FAMILY FRIENDLY EVENTS FOR THE FALL As the fall season begins, there are many events in Colorado open to the public to become engaged in the fall festivities. One, for example, includes the Haunted Field of Screams, a movie screening in a cornfield in Thornton.

From the Editor | Taylor Kirby

When linguists were trying to understand how language defines culture, they came up with some far-fetched theories: one scholar, Benjamin Lee Whorf, argued that different languages draw unique boundaries around how complexly people can understand the world. When extrapolated, Whorf’s argument would claim that a

Living it up with CU Denver Live!

STUDENT ORG IS AT THE FOREFRONT OF CAMPUS EVENTS CU Denver Live! is giving students the best bang for their buck with their upcoming events. After previously being one of the key producers of The Block Party, and not to mention the supplier of the

Resources for applying to graduate school

APPLICATION CAN BE MADE EASY Around this time every year, undergraduate students and alumni, including CU Denver students, are applying to a variety of different universities for their graduate programs and personal areas of interest. As an undergrad, it’s more difficult to apply to graduate

The Minority Report | Ashley Kim

A terrorist opened fire on Sunday night in Las Vegas, killing 59 people and wounding 527. It has been named the “deadliest mass shooting” in modern American history. The Pulse Night Club shooting was called the same, and so was the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting,