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The Pack a.d. | Dollhouse: Album Review

Artist: The Pack A.D.
Single: Dollhouse
Release date: Oct. 13th, 2017

Canadian garage rock band The Pack A.D. released their seventh album, Dollhouse, on Oct. 13. The album is both lyrically and musically nostalgic in the sense that it harkens back to classic indie-garage rock popular in the mid-2000s. This is one of the band’s most self-and socially-aware albums, as the vocalist Becky Black sings about political issues and opens up about personal issues.

The album begins with “Woke Up Weird,” a grimy anthem-like guitar intro as the drums join in, creating a driving rhythm. The insturmentation is accompanied by Black’s slow melodic tone. As the song goes on, the lyrics speed up and the listener begins to hear the emotion that the vocalist feels.

“Dollhouse” carries a steady guitar riff that makes the listener bob their head to it. The guitars are coupled with shaky lyrics about how everything in this world is so perfectly imperfect. “We live in a dollhouse,” Black sings in a cavalier tone as if she is done struggling and has accepted the fact that this world will never let her be her.

This album delivers rapid-paced drumming as well as the right amount of guitar distortions serving up a perfect blend of heavy punk guitar riffs with melodic slow songs the listeners can sway to and get caught in catharsis. The Pack A.D. did a great job of creating their own unique sounds and delivering a well-produced album.

Rate: 4/5 stars

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