Raul’s Report: You’re Not Alone


I ran into a student on campus the other day. They were starting to feel pressure about graduation. They were unsure of their professional future and were having a hard time figuring it all out. They didn’t know who to lean on for help and they were unaware of the campus resources available to them. What they didn’t realize is that they aren’t alone.

Career Center
I’m always mystified when I learn about students who don’t know where to turn. In the case of the student I bumped into on campus, our Career Center was a great place for them to start their job search. It’s never too early to start planning. From resume review to interviewing tips to advice on where and how to apply, the Career Center is one of our most valuable student resources. Just stop by Tivoli #267 or check out the Career Center homepage for a list of events and services.

Counseling Center
Whether it’s due to stress about your professional future, classes, or just life in general, sometimes anxiety levels elevate. The primary resource for dealing with stress is our outstanding Student & Community Counseling Center. Center staff offers a regular schedule of supportive sessions as well as scheduled or drop-in appointments. The Counseling Center is located in Tivoli #454, and the 24/7 helpline number is (303) 352-4455.

Lynx Center
Looking for more advice and support services? We’ve got plenty of them and I always remind students to stop by the Lynx Center in the lobby of the Student Commons Building with their questions. The staff there is composed of a bunch of campus experts and if they don’t know something right away, they won’t stop searching until they get the answer for you.

I’d like you to consider me one of your campus resources, too. Student support is my business and I’m here to help. Our focus in the Division of Student Affairs is on you, the student. There are always going to be bumps in the road but it’s our job to help smooth them over.

How are we doing? Your feedback is critical to our efforts. So, email me at VCRaul@ucdenver.edu with stories about your experiences here at CU Denver and let’s set aside some time for a conversation. What’s working for you? What’s not?

I’m wondering how the first few months have gone for our new students and if our sophomores and juniors are in a good place with their major and career goals. I’d like to get a review from our seniors. How have we done? Have we lived up to expectations and what have been some of the high points?

Let’s talk
I may be able to offer you some advice about navigating your educational journey and I’m positive that you can offer me advice by sharing your student experience. Just email me at VCRaul@ucdenver.edu and we’ll get to work setting up your appointment.

Let’s get together soon! – Raul Cardenas

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