Boo at the Zoo sparks Halloween spirit

Photo: Kalob McConnell • CU Denver Sentry


The 33rd annual Boo at the Zoo kept the Denver Zoo busy this past weekend. The family-friendly event encouraged children to come dressed in costumes, and most did while jumping around excitedly as they walked into the transformed zoo.

Photo: Kalob McConnell • CU Denver Sentry

Attendees were immediately greeted by bright orange pumpkins and a lion casually pacing in its cage near the entrance. Autumn was prominent at the zoo and the Halloween spirit filled the air.

Colorful leaves floated along pathways with a cool breeze as children smiled and pointed out their favorite animals. There was face-painting, candy, games, and carved pumpkins decorating the zoo.

Activities such as meet-and-greets with characters from popular media, magic shows, and sing-alongs kept children entertained between animal exhibits throughout the day. Parents captured memories of their children enjoying their time on camera.

The zookeepers smiled brightly as they told animal facts to each guest. One of them rewarded tigers with treats every time they performed a trick. By the giraffes, another zookeeper waited with giraffe fur for those who wanted to see how a giraffe feels. Sea lions could be heard barking as people walked over to see them basking in the sun.

Scarecrows were set up along piles of hay among other Halloween decorations. Children ran over to admire the decor as some younger children seemed slightly intimidated by the spooky Halloween theme.

Despite cooler fall temperatures, and some closed animal exhibits, Boo at the Zoo presented a whole new zoo experience for attendees. Pirate-like skeletons overtook a section of each animal exhibit, dinosaurs bordered pathways, and wildlife could be heard and smelled throughout the zoo.
Children ran around the pumpkin patch filled with animal carvings. They trick-or-treated at many sponsor tents while quickly filling up their bags with sugary goodies. The characters of Frozen, Winnie the Pooh, and superheroes were among the crowd of people. Parents were also dressed up with their children. Some were well-coordinated in group costumes.

Boo at the Zoo was a successful event to get people into the halloween spirit. Lions, zebras, giraffes, and other wild animals accompanied guests’ experiences. The weekend, for many, was well spent with children dressed up in adorable costumes while taking a stroll through the spooky pathway of the Denver Zoo.

Located: Boo at the Zoo (Oct. 28-29) 2300 Steele St. Denver, 80205
Tickets: Boo at the Denver Zoo

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