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Photo Booth: Broadway Halloween Parade

The streets of Denver came alive on Oct. 21 as the annual Broadway Halloween Parade began and a variety of clowns, zombies, and witches marched down the block. Halloween music and spooky sounds echoed through the streets.

Photo: Madison Daley – CU Sentry

The parade consisted of dancers, musicians, and gothic decorated hearses that likely gave people chills as the thought of death was awakened in their minds. Gory makeup wounds gave the event a dark edge. Hues of white, orange, and purple lights filled the night. Many people showed off their creative skills as they drove their floats down the road or danced along to the music, creating a spectacular viewing experience for the audience. Live music completed the atmosphere of this fantastic parade.

Children in costume smiled happily as they were given candy. They pointed out when they saw their favorite characters in the crowd of people. Parents smiled at their children, glad to see them enjoying their night out. The parade kept people enthralled. Food and drinks were sold, tents were set up giving away candy, and there were even rescued dogs waiting to be adopted.

The chilly weather seemed to make the Halloween spirit even stronger in the audience. People shivered in anticipation of what spooky surprises the show could scare them with. The parade was well put together, and the outcome couldn’t have been better. It was the perfect way to spend a Saturday night with friends and family.

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Photos: Madison Daley

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