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Cults | Offering: Album Review

Artist: Cults
Album: Offering
Release date: Oct. 6th, 2017

After a two-year hiatus of touring, American indie pop band Cults returns with the release of their third studio album Offering on Oct. 6. The result is an album that reflects life’s daily issues as well as recurring themes of love and heartbreak, but with a far more optimistic disposition than on their past albums.

In “With My Eyes Closed,” the song doesn’t explicitly describe the feeling of falling love but implies it as vocalist Madeline Follin sings, “I’ve waited so long to be near to this / So much expectation / And then we’ll free fall / Straight into the trap you set for me.” The song combines the band’s familiar haunting undertones with high synth pitches that create an interesting dichotomy resulting in a beautiful, harmonious hymn.

The stand-out song on this album is “Good Religion,” with its perky beat despite the essence of this song revolving around heartbreak. “I heard you found a good religion / That final piece that you’ve been missing,” Follin sings. The song sounds similar to Lily Allen’s “Fuck You,” but is slowed down and Follin’s ethereal voice makes the song more alluring, putting listeners in a trance.

Overall, Offering is a harmonious collection of tracks that are both smooth and reassuring for listeners to enjoy and kick back to. The electro-pop album is well-suited and worth the wait, as Cults shows a profound stylistic evolution within their sound as they still stay true to their roots.

Rate: 4/5 Stars

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