Melanie Martinez | Mad Hatter: Music Video Review

Artist: Melanie Martinez
Song: Mad Hatter (Cry Baby Album)
Release date: Sept 23th, 2017

Pop singer Melanie Martinez conceived, wrote, and directed her music video “Mad Hatter,” a track from her album Cry Baby.

In this dreamy music video, the singer goes on a deep sleep and lands in an Alice in Wonderland-inspired world while she is accompanied by large stuffed animals and sinisterly masked humans. The stuffed animals represent the few genuine friends that support Martinez’s artistic vision and the costumed characters exemplify the record label executives expecting Martinez to fit in a specific mold as a pop singer.

The visual contrast of sweet and dark showcase Martinez’s unapologetic character, her unwillingness to conform to the norm of the pop genre, all while remaining true to herself.

Watch the Music Video: Mad Hatter

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