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It is rare to come across a theater experience so unique that it changes the way stories are told and unravels audience expectations of an interactive show entirely. The Wild Party, presented by the Denver Center for Performing Arts’ Off-Center theater company, does both.

The Wild Party, set in the Roaring 20s, tells the story of Queenie (Emily Van Fleet), a promiscuous performer who is at odds with a romantic partner, Burrs (Drew Horwitz). Burrs resolves to throw a party for Queenie with old friends in order to diffuse a conflict. Queenie, an outspoken lover of a good time, happily obliges.

The show is a reimagined version of Michael John LaChiusa’s original Broadway musical, which ran from 1999-2000. The Wild Party is based on a poem of the same name by Joseph Moncure March.

The night follows extravagant cast members through a night filled with alcohol, drugs, and sex—sometimes, but not always, in that order. The cast weaves in between audience members, frequently engaging in conversation and even dancing with them, inviting guests to be immersed in every sense of the word.

Typically an empty warehouse inside the Stanley Marketplace, The Hangar has been transformed into the Party’s venue and transports audience members to a different era for one night. Guests who are encouraged to wear their best flapper attire and dancing shoes are first welcomed by a small stage dressed with red velvet curtains tucked inside dozens of cocktail tables. The Hangar is already unrecognizable, and the space quietly suggests an intimate night between the audience and cast.

Unsuspecting audience members will be surprised to be quite literally invited to The Wild Party as cast members lead guests through four doors spread throughout the set’s simple façade. The doors separate the assumed stage for the night from Queenie’s lavish and charming New York apartment. According to “The Wild Party Denver” Facebook page, the set is comprised of 400 pieces of restored antique furniture and 100 practical lighting fixtures. The set’s intricate and careful design takes this immersive experience one step further.

The Wild Party’s unique interactive aspects can be entirely credited to the creative hands behind DCPA’s Off Center company. According to their website, Off Center focuses “on connecting people and upending expectations on adhering to the show.” The Wild Party is Off Center’s second immersive show after a successful and sold-out run of Sweet & Lucky in the summer of 2016.

From intricate set design, impressive choreography, and perfect harmonies, The Wild Party’s cast and crew carries the weight of some of Denver’s best talent. And the best part? All 14 cast members are Denver locals. If not for the party, the cast in action is something that nobody will want to miss.

Buy tickets today: The Wild Party Online
Located: Stanley Marketplace 2501 Dallas St. Aurora, CO. 80010

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