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I recently decided to start a crochet, craft, and dog blog to post patterns, projects, and ideas, and donate a portion of my profits to organizations that help animals in need—like shelters and rescues. However, like with many new ideas, I have been procrastinating.

I’ve been looking to a lot of crochet blogs to give me inspiration, but all I get is discouraged. I’m by no means a professional crocheter or blog designer, and looking at all the beautiful blogs and intricate patterns online makes me feel like I’ll never make a blog as successful. This has been my overall attitude that is, until about a week ago.

I was going to a baby shower with my partner, Hunter, for three people I didn’t really know. We had crocheted a soft, baby-safe octopus for each of the babies. When the moms opened the gifts, they loved them.

About a week later, Hunter told me that one of the moms from the party wanted to buy more octopi from us to give to her friends because her baby loved her’s so much. And then another person who had heard about the octopi from someone at the shower contacted us asking to buy a few. I was amazed.

This was the first time someone other than my friends and family had expressed their appreciation for my crochet. Without any intentional promotion, people were already asking to buy from me.

I realized that even though there will always be more talented crocheters than me and there will always be more successful blogs, there was one thing I could o er that none of the others could: me.

There are numerous shops online that sell crocheted baby toys; the mom from the party could have easily ordered some from anywhere she liked. But she didn’t want just any crochet stuffed animal, she wanted my crochet stuffed animal. It made me realize that the thing that is going to set me apart from the other blogs isn’t that I’ll be better or more talented. The thing that is going to set me apart is my personality and vision. No one can be better at being me than me.

We’re all individuals and we all have something unique to offer. No matter what it is someone does, being the best shouldn’t be the goal. It’s useless to compare yourself to others when everyone has something different to offer. Just don’t give up; there is an audience for everyone.

Tessa Blair
Tessa Blair

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