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It may not be Halloween yet, but for true horror fans, it is never too early to start celebrating. Lovers of the macabre can get a dose of the paranormal along with a taste of Denver history by scheduling a tour with Denver Capitol Hill Ghost Tours. Founded by Paulette Moon, the Moon family regularly offers haunted tours of Capitol Hill along with other Denver landmarks. Moon and her husband, Dennis, have over 10 years of ghost hunting experience and work with psychic mediums, historians, and paranormal investigators to offer a unique tour experience for all guests.

On the Capitol Hill Ghost Tour, one can expect a walking tour of Capitol Hill’s most haunted mansions and landmarks. The tour begins on the porch of the famous Molly Brown House and Museum on 1340 Pennsylvania Street, then makes its rounds to some of the oldest properties in Denver. At each location, a member of the Moon family provides a brief history of the building as well as any dark secrets the walls may hold.

Beyond simple storytelling, the tour allows participants to witness the live collection of paranormal evidence. According to Dennis, a grid of energy runs below the Earth, carrying the potential for paranormal activity with it. The lines on this grid are referred to as “ley lines” and Dennis explains that Denver is “inundated” with these energy pathways. To support his claim, Dennis takes photos of the locations along the tour which reveal mysterious light anomalies hovering near the eerie old buildings. In some of the pictures, one can even make out the faint image of ghostly faces and figures. Dennis also shares evidence collected in the past by his family and their collaborators including EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon, or recorded voices of spirits).

Even for those with little interest in the paranormal, the Ghost Tours offers intrigue. As Dennis explains, many other ghost tours aim to frighten their participants, offering more of a typical Halloween experience than anything else. In contrast, the Moon family is fueled by a passion for the paranormal and a deep regard for the history of old Denver. The Moon family strives to remain informed so that even paranormal skeptics can find a captivating historical element along the tour route.

Regardless of one’s personal beliefs, Denver Capitol Hill Ghost Tours offers something for everyone. With an extensive knowledge of the paranormal field as well as Denver history, the Moon family can ensure an educational as well as chilling experience. Those gearing up for Halloween will find that Denver Capitol Hill Ghost Tours offers the perfect balance of information and thrills and the opportunity to support a passionate, local organization.

To schedule a tour with Denver Capitol Hill Ghost Tours, visit Dennis and Paulette’s son’s website, chrismoonpsychic.com.

Featured on the website is a collection of paranormal evidence from the Moon family and their partners, along with a biography of the family’s experience.

Denver Capitol Hill Ghost Tours: 1340 Pennsylvania St. Denver, CO. 80203
Business hours: Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sat ($20 adults, $15 seniors &

Photo courtesy: Capitol Hill Ghost Tours Facebook

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