Photo Booth: Denver Zombie Crawl

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WARNING: If Zombies and Spooky costumes scare you, I wouldn’t recommend scrolling down. Just looking out for ya!. – Admin

Towards of the undead took over Skyline Park in downtown Denver on Oct. 7. Zombie Crawl has clearly maintained its popularity among Coloradans as it marked its 12th crawl this year.

Every year, the costumes are constructed in a more elaborate manner. This year, there were influences from television and movie characters such as Barb from Stranger Things and Leeloo from The Fifth Element. There was a family of around eight individuals dressed as Dia de los Muertos skeletons, the Mexican holiday honoring the dead.

Some of the classic characters were also in attendance, such as skeleton bodysuits and morbid clowns displaying their eerie, staggering walk.

The 13th Floor Haunted House trailer provided the location for attendees to partake in photo ops with two “live” zombies. Both zombies were tied from their backs by a chain to a trailer. As the crowds got close to the chained zombies, they would charge toward the crowd and provided deep growls.

Some people passing through crawl were clearly taken aback by all the zombies. The stares quickly turned to grins as people were seen taking photos with the undead. Red Bull sent some of their ambassadors to pass out free energy drinks and zombies could be seen accepting Red Bulls with their-bloody hands.

The mall ride was blocked for a few blocks south of Skyline Park, which allowed for increased foot traffic. Those who weren’t dressed up for the annual crawl were seen lining up to have zombie makeup applied.

Toward the end of the event, an ode to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” took place and provided a surreal experience. This was the closing event of the crawl, while an after zombie prom took place later on that night. Zombie Crawl is an event that welcomes ghouls and goblins of all ages. Whether one is partaking in dressing up or not, the event is perfect for zombie watching or even for getting ideas for the upcoming Halloween festivities.

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Writer: Korina Rojo
Photos: Korina Rojo & Erica Barillari

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