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On Sep. 27 at Denver’s Moon Room, Rocky Mountain Music Relief and CU Denver College of Arts and Media put together a benefit show to raise money for the charity MusiCares. Four bands, Demi Demitro (of the Velveteers), Professor Plumb, Two Faces West, and Blown Edges, took the stage to raise money for musicians who have suffered due to the hurricanes in Texas and Florida.

This event would not have been possible if it wasn’t for Benom Plumb, lead singer of Professor Plumb as well as a professor here at CU Denver. As it is true for many musicians, music is Benom’s life. He sees music as an excellent platform to bring people together and allow people to give back to a great cause.

The benefit will donate 100 percent of their proceeds to MusiCares. MusiCares is a foundation that assists people in the music industry that are in need of financial and medical aid, and are in personal distress—in this case, they are focusing their efforts on hurricane relief.

Due to the recent hurricanes, many families have lost everything. MusiCare raises money to provide coverage for basic living expenses such as food and shelter, medical expenses, clothing, and even instruments for musicians. By returning instruments back into musicians’ lives, the organization hopes to relieve some of the stress the victims are going through.

In providing aid for musicians, be it personal, financial, or medical, MusiCares allows victims to have a bit of their normal life back prior to the hurricane. Music can serve as an outlet for individuals to express themselves and has been proven to release dopamine, a chemical neurotransmitter that is responsible for producing sensations of pleasure and motivation. By bringing some normalcy back to these musicians, they can get lost in their own music once again. And if music is what it takes to help alleviate some of the musician’s pain caused by the disasters, well, hell, it’s a lot cheaper than therapy.

“I was incredibly encouraged by the turnout from our student population who was there to support the benefit,” Benom said. “Our students are incredibly empathetic and compassionate.”

Plumb wanted to incorporate both blues and rock at the concert, as he grew up loving both. Professor Plumb was the third band to perform, and his music shifted the motif of the evening from blues to classic rock. They had a humorous albeit entertaining School of Rock feel, as the lead singer is a middle-aged male, and two out of the three other band members are his former students. Nonetheless, they put on a great performance that had the crowd singing along, playing air guitar, and whipping their hair back and forth to their music.

Overall, the concert was not only entertaining, it was a great success. “I was hoping we would get close to raising $1000 for MusiCares Hurricane Relief efforts and we raised $800,” Benom said. “Pretty great for a Wednesday night.”

During times of adversity, especially for families and musicians who were affected by these recent natural disasters, music can help tremendously, be it as a return to some routine of daily life or even therapeutically. Thanks to CU Denver and Rocky Mountain Music Relief, this concert was able to help bring music back into musician’s lives who lost everything.

Photo: Madison Daley – CU Sentry

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