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Alessandro Cortini | Perdonare: Album Review

Artist: Alessandro Cortini
Album: Perdonare
Release date: Oct. 6th, 2017

On Oct. 6, Italian musician Alessandro Cortini released his sixth studio album under his own name. Cortini produces music under a number of aliases. The sheer volume of this musician’s work alone is impressive, but the effort Cortini puts into crafting each of his works is doubly astounding.

Cortini drew inspiration for his newest album Avanti from a trove of Super 8 home videos made by Cortini’s grandfather. The films, however, were missing one crucial element—the sound. Cortini decided he would restore the missing audio by composing a musical accompaniment to the footage using only an EMS Synthi AKS, a type of synthesizer.

Cortini’s companion music video, “Perdonare,” is mostly comprised of footage of a toddler Cortini, bundled tightly in a down coat, wading and playing in a field of snow. At certain points throughout the video, the footage pans to grainy shots of snow-covered oak branches. Glimpses of a woman with feathered, blonde hair wearing a thick, fur coat scooping up the young child—presumably Cortini’s mother—are shown throughout the video as well. Ultimately, the video provides an intimate and deeply personal view of the musician’s idiosyncratic life experiences.

In a brief adjunction of the two art forms, Cortini paired together actual footage that inspired this record with the track to create a music video that serves almost as an artist statement for his upcoming record. This video represents Cortini’s ultimate goal in taking on this project more so than the record itself.

Rate: 5/5 Stars

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