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Deathaversary: Nancy Spungen Tribute

Nancy Spungen: February 27, 1958 – October 12, 1978

Tomorrow will be the 39th year, to the day, since Nancy Spungen’s died. On Oct. 12, 1978, the loud-mouthed peroxide blonde was stabbed to death in Room 100 at the Chelsea Hotel in New York City.

Nancy was most well-known for dating the bassist of The Sex Pistols, Sid Vicious, and cultivating a dramatic and dangerous romance fueled by love, heroin, and punk. Nancy often gets a bad rap, referred to as “Nauseating Nancy.” She was consistently documented as the bothersome groupie responsible for Sid’s descent into heroin addiction, but perhaps it is too easy to hate Nancy.

Nancy Spungen is one of the most severely misunderstood figures in popular culture. She was highly intelligent and started attending the University of Colorado Boulder at the age of 16 until she was arrested for buying marijuana five months into her freshman year. Sure, Nancy was an unabashed junkie and notorious groupie, but her passion for music was true and genuine.

Loud and obnoxious Nancy certainly was, but that was the point of punk. Rebel against a despicable society and that very well may be impossible without being loud and a bit obnoxious and pissing some people off. Rest in punk, Nancy

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