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Daily Archives: October 11, 2017

Blood Tangent | Sarai Nissan

I wish I was 21 in 1977. When Stiv Bators was still alive, Richard Hell was still hot, and I didn’t have to spend so much money on vintage T-shirts that would have been brand new back then. When the music was still raw and

Stranger Than Fiction | Matt Kriese

There are few things in this world that I can say are worthy of being hated. I am someone who, in most cases, will not be affected by the world changing around me. I am excited to change with it. But, there is one part

The Minority Report | Ashley Kim

A clip of New York Giants’ wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr., crying into a towel and being consoled by his teammate, punter Brad Wing, on the sideline of Sunday’s game against the Chargers quickly spread across the internet over the weekend. Subsequently, Beckham’s masculinity and

Deathaversary: Nancy Spungen Tribute

Tomorrow will be the 39th year, to the day, since Nancy Spungen’s died. On Oct. 12, 1978, the loud-mouthed peroxide blonde was stabbed to death in Room 100 at the Chelsea Hotel in New York City. Nancy was most well-known for dating the bassist of

CAM throws benefit concert for MusiCares

BANDS RAISE MONEY FOR HURRICANE RELIEF On Sep. 27 at Denver’s Moon Room, Rocky Mountain Music Relief and CU Denver College of Arts and Media put together a benefit show to raise money for the charity MusiCares. Four bands, Demi Demitro (of the Velveteers), Professor

Free speech becoming major issue on campus

STUDENT ORG IS AT THE FOREFRONT OF CONVERSATION Free speech rights are one of the most talked about current political debates in this country right now; specifically, whether hate speech should be protected under the first amendment. There are examples of this debate around America

Nightmare Before Christmas: Halloween or Christmas film?

IT’S A HALLOWEEN MOVIE | Alexander Elmore In 1993, The Nightmare Before Christmas, directed by Henry Selick and based on an original poem and screenplay by Tim Burton, was released in theaters. In the 25 years since its release, the film has sparked many debates

Alessandro Cortini | Perdonare: Album Review

Artist: Alessandro Cortini Album: Perdonare Release date: Oct. 6th, 2017 On Oct. 6, Italian musician Alessandro Cortini released his sixth studio album under his own name. Cortini produces music under a number of aliases. The sheer volume of this musician’s work alone is impressive, but

The Neighborhood | Hard: Album Review

Artist: The Neighborhood Album: Hard EP Release date: Sept. 22nd, 2017 The Los Angeles quintet The Neighborhood dropped their latest EP Hard on Sept. 22. The alternative group was first on the radar back in 2012 with their debut single “Sweater Weather” from their freshman

Local family shares paranormal passion

PARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS HOST GHOST TOURS It may not be Halloween yet, but for true horror fans, it is never too early to start celebrating. Lovers of the macabre can get a dose of the paranormal along with a taste of Denver history by scheduling a