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Photo Credit: Bobby Jones

Photo Credit: Bobby Jones

A terrorist opened fire on Sunday night in Las Vegas, killing 59 people and wounding 527. It has been named the “deadliest mass shooting” in modern American history. The Pulse Night Club shooting was called the same, and so was the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, the Aurora Theater shooting, the Virginia Tech shooting, and the Columbine shooting.

To say that I can truly empathize with those affected by mass shootings is something that nobody should ever be able to say. I grew up in Aurora—20 minutes from Columbine, and 15 minutes from the Century 16 Theater and the feelings of uncertainty and sadness by way of mass shootings are all too, inappropriately, familiar.

I am running out of breath trying to make sense of what’s happening, trying to understand the hatred that looms in people’s hearts that drives them to elicit these unimaginable crimes. I am broken over knowing that nearly 600 people are dealing with the physical repercussions, and thousands more are left with the unwavering memories and pain that a cowardly terrorist has so mindlessly inflicted.

I am exhausted asking when this will end. I know you are too. There’s little I can add to the ongoing conversation that hasn’t already been said, and I am finding it difficult to properly express how truly heartbroken I am.

Nothing I say could ever take away the unimaginable pain that some Americans are dealing with in the aftermath of yet another act of terrorism, but if you have been affected by the Las Vegas shooting, or any other, I want you to know that I am so sorry, and that I am with you. And even though it’s hard to see right now, there is more good in this world than we can ask for.

If you are looking for a way to help, I encourage you to donate to the
“LAS VEGAS VICTIMS’ FUND” on GoFundMe, which will directly support victims and their families with relief and medical expenses.

GoFundMe Page: Click Here to Donate

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