Macklemore | Glorious: Music Video Review

Artist: Macklemore
Song: Glorious
Release date: July 6th, 2017

Macklemore is back with an upbeat anthem titled “Glorious.” The song is amusing and contagiously cheerful, and it’s coupled with visuals that will melt anyone’s heart.

The video opens with Macklemore surprising his grandma, Helen Schott, for her 100th birthday. The two spend the day driving a vintage Cadillac, comically egging people’s houses, dancing and singing at a karaoke bar, thrift hopping (of course), and eating cake and ice cream with Helen’s old-timer friends. The adventure the two take pulls at heartstrings, because not only is watching Macklemore hang out with Helen utterly charming, but Mrs. Schott has proved herself to be one badass grandma.

It evokes a warm feeling that resonates with everyone, because Helen could be anyone’s grandma. Macklemore’s message seems to be don’t forget about the ones you love, and the video is a reminder to society that everyone should take the time to spend the day with their loved ones.

Watch the Music Video: Glorious

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