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There are enough true crime podcasts in the world to satisfy the most curious individuals; but is there a podcast that combines cults, serial killers, ghosts and UFOs with wit and humour that can make any listener cackle to themselves while on their daily commute? The answer is yes.

The Last Podcast On The Left is a show meant for those with the most morbid of fascinations but not without a bit of light-hearted dark humour. The LPOTL is made up of the terribly terrific trio of Marcus Parks, the primary researcher, Henry Zebrowski, the comic relief, and Ben Kissel, the one who at least attempts to keep the rest grounded.

LPOTL is a dynamic podcast that is not meant for the faint of heart. Addressing subjects ranging from The Enfield Poltergeist to the murder of JonBenet Ramsey these haunting and often disturbing subjects become the object of the presenters and listeners grim obsession. The LPOTL covers (or is in the process of covering) every single myth, conspiracy theory, serial killer or cult imaginable, with all of that variety there isn’t an episode at least one person could not enjoy.

The podcast is released weekly and often releases them in two or three parts, as in the three parter on Charles Manson a fan favorite (admittedly, out of context, that sounds terrible). To be sure, LPOTL has received some critiques for their rather abrasive and unfettered comments as well as being accused of making light of these tragedies and their victims. This point of view is understandable, but the boys of LPOTL make it very clear that they do not intend to offend anyone or make light of any of these atrocities but simply offer a place for others to indulge in their odd fascinations as well as dispel any rumours or lies surrounding them.

One of the most endearing qualities of the podcast is the fact that they created it to give others who are engrossed in the life of Jeffrey Dahmer, or are enthralled by conspiracy theories, a community where these interests are not looked down upon. The Last Podcast on the Left does not seek to normalize murder or any other atrocity but it normalizes human fascination with it.

Listen to the Podcast: The Last Podcast on the Left

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