The Horrors | V: Album Review

Artist: V
Album: The Horrors
Release date: Sept 22nd, 2017

On Sept. 22, British band The Horrors released their fifth album, V, following their previous album, Luminous, which was released in 2014.

This album combines futuristic, technological sounds with upbeat and groovy lyrics, setting the audience up for a psychedelic trip. Although most of the songs on the album exceed five minutes, each song puts the listeners in a trance and they end sooner than one would hope.

The song “Machine” is surreal as lead singer Faris Badwan sings, “Your mannequin moves / You ghost through the motions / You taste like a ghost / A cold simulation.” This song merges the sounds of pulsing synth with edu electric guitar notes to create visual images that are reminiscent of Ghost in the Shell, a live-action move based off of a Japanese manga.

The album ends with the song, “Something To Remember Me By.” What separates this song from the rest is the blending of blithe electro tunes with sorrowful lyrics. The audience is left with a bittersweet ending to the album as Badwan sings, “Memory revolving / The fear of letting go / Now all that’s left behind / Is something to remember me by.”

This album has been a shift for the band in regard to their sound. It has set the tone for the future as V has opened doors for the band to explore more sounds and styles with their music, making it an avenue to a great Legacy for The Horrors.

Rate: 4/5 Stars

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