Chelsea Wolfe | Hiss Spun: Album Review

Artist: Chelsea Wolfe
Album: Hiss Spun
Release date: Sept. 22nd

After two years, Chelsea Wolfe fans were treated to Hiss Spun, Wolfe’s fifth studio album on Sept. 22-right in time for Halloween. Just like her album cover, the gothic queen augments the darkness this time around, adding a heavier tone both lyrically and instrumentally with the help of rattling speakers and distorted guitars to add to the “low-fidelity” quality. Wolfe’s alluring voice hypnotizing and raw, taking her listeners even further under her spell.

“Static Hum” is one of the finest tracks off of Hiss Spun with visceral lives and the dark undertone of Wolf’s voice as she coos, “Fuse by the flux / Cradle the roots / Shedding of blood ” glowing like the flaming sun.”

“Offering” is an edgier track that steers away from the electronic phase in her 2015 album Abyss, although the heavy guitars loom back in Hiss Spun. The instruments act as the forefront for a majority of the album, with thrashing electric guitar riffs stealing the show in “Offering” and “Spun.” Wolfe’s ghostly voice house be more recognized, but instead falls to the wayside. It’s loud, yes, but Wolfe’s voice plus the guitar riffs starts to become so monotonous that it can, at times, be reduced to background noise.

Die hard fans of Wolfe’s will probably be content with Hiss Spun, and for new listeners, it’ll probably be an introduction to the world of the goth genre.

RATE: 3/5 Stars

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