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Just ahead of halloween, the Art of Costuming dressed up in the Tivoli Turnhalle with a wardrobe of professional cosplays, droids, and a slab of Han Solo-shaped carbonite.

The Oct. 3 event featured a panel of costuming enthusiasts, some hardcore hobbyists, others full-time cosplayers, to discuss life literally lived in popular culture. Special guest Jim Shia, who worked on the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, is the engineer responsible for perfecting real-time voice modification (which is used in the Force Awakens to create Kylo Ren’s signature dialect) and advancing real-life light saber technology.

While the panelists spoke about their most difficult costume assemblies and most rewarding fan encounters, students would wander the Turnhalle to see the speakers’ costumes, props, and concept art. Corellian Droidworks also set up interactive, life-sized droids against a Tatooine backdrop for CU Denver photo ops.

Full Coverage of the event will be published in the Sentry’s Oct. 11 issue, but for now, we present: The Art of Costuming.

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Writer/Photos: Taylor Kirby – CU Sentry

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