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Daily Archives: October 4, 2017

Stranger Than Fiction | Matt Kriese

As I watched my Facebook feed on Sunday, I was beyond shocked to see the images come out of Las Vegas. An overwhelming sadness took hold of me as I began to reflect on occurrences like the one in Vegas which have impacted me with

Sera’s Ramen Enclave packed with flavor

HIDDEN SPOT REDEFINES COLLEGE CUISINE Far and few are the local culinary experiences that transport the consumer to impossibly far away places. But, Sera’s Ramen Enclave does this to a mesmerizing degree. All components of this cozy hideaway, from the vibrant colors of its walls

Pencil Shavings | Tessa Blair

The random man in the car next to me is looking my direction, a look of confusion and concern on his face. I don’t stop though. You can’t just stop singing at the climax of “Defying Gravity.” Besides, why should he care if I’m belting

Baby pics on social media: Yes or no?

THE CUTENESS SHOULD BE SHARED | Dilkush Khan Using social media platforms, users are able to share every part of their life, whether it be their lunch or their children—the latter being beneficial to both the parents and the viewers, since they’re so darn cute.

Photo Booth: Art of Costuming

Just ahead of halloween, the Art of Costuming dressed up in the Tivoli Turnhalle with a wardrobe of professional cosplays, droids, and a slab of Han Solo-shaped carbonite. The Oct. 3 event featured a panel of costuming enthusiasts, some hardcore hobbyists, others full-time cosplayers, to

Where to find affordable, healthy food near campus

BEING HEALTHY DOESN’T HAVE TO BE EXPENSIVE Most people have probably broken their New Year’s Resolution of eating healthier by now. Through some try and eat right, it’s just easier to grab a bag of chips before heading out the door. It’s hard to make

Pod Save America interviews Hillary Clinton

CLINTON DISCUSSES HER NEW BOOK AND RECENT CAMPAIGN On Sept. 12, Hillary Clinton was interviewed by the hosts of Pod Save America about her new book, What Happened, which discusses her campaign in the 2016 presidential election. Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer, and Tommy

Blood Tangent | Sarai Nissan

I am wearing my boyfriend’s paper-thin, baby bunny soft, blood stained (I’m not sure whose) vintage Circle Jerks T-shirt. I am curled up in front of my space heater that keeps shutting down my surge protector—I just wait a few seconds and turn that baby back

DIY venue celebrates its fifth anniversary

SEVENTH CIRCLE ANNIVERSARY FESTIVAL It’s been five years since Seventh Circle Music Collective opened its doors to local rock musicians and enthusiasts, and the DIY artist space still continues to thrive. Celebrating its five-year anniversary, Seventh Circle hosted a three-day music festival from Sept. 22-24.

In Tribute: Rest In Peace Tom Petty

In Tribute: Tom Petty: 1950 – 2017 Tom Petty, the highly influential frontman of The Heartbreakers, passed away on Oct. 2 from cardiac arrest at the age of 66. The news came as shock to many friends and fans, but his influence on the rock