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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Anschutz begins clinical marijuana trial research

RESEARCHERS STUDY MARIJUANA’S EFFECT ON PAIN Marijuana and oxycodone will be used to conduct a clinical trial to study their effects on easing spine pain. Researchers at CU Anschutz School of Medicine officially began the early stages of this study in July. Some of their

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Grade forgiveness at CU Denver: Yes or no?

IT’S ONLY FAIR | GUY SIMONS Grade forgiveness is when a student retakes a class after receiving an F, and if a better grade is received, the failing grade is removed from the student’s transcript. Implementing grade forgiveness at CU Denver would help students tremendously.

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Tarantino: Manson family murders

A GOOD CHOICE | ALEXANDER ELMORE Critically acclaimed filmmaker Quentin Tarantino has unofficially announced that he will write and direct a film version of the story of the Manson Family murders. The Manson family committed a total of seven murders on the nights of Aug.

It is time to help hurricane victims

SET ASIDE THE EXCUSES AND DONATE Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Houston, TX on Aug. 25 this year. Many people in the United States stepped up to the plate to help those whose homes were destroyed, but many people couldn’t find it in themselves to

Pencil Shavings | Tessa Blair

Upon finding out I’m colorblind, people usually respond with gasps and remarks of amazement, as if it is some big revelation to find out that I perceive the world differently than them. But really, didn’t we already know that? No one perceives anything the same

From the Editor | Taylor Kirby

SHIRKING BLAME Nobody ever taught me how to drive. I was reminded of this void of experience last week when, having forgotten that my Prius doesn’t do a thing called “accelerate,” I barely completed what was already a risky pass on the highway. And whenever

Cigarettes After Sex brings crowd together

BAND GIVES AN IMPRESSIVE LIVE PERFORMANCE On Sep. 19, bright red lights flooded the Bluebird eater as fans waited anxiously for Cigarettes After Sex to take the stage. The bar was crowded with older fans and loud conversations echoed throughout the theater as the audience

Larimer Lounge gets a Swedish INVSN

DARK POP WITH A PURPOSE Coming straight from Riot Fest in Chicago to the streets of Denver, INVSN (pronounced “invasion”) turned the local haun, Larimer Lounge into the venue of the century on Sept. 18. Larimer Lounge is nestled on Larimer street in an old,

Blood Tangent | Sarai Nissan

I should probably have my pharmacy’s phone number on speed dial. Do they have that anymore? Long story short, it took losing the last of my medication, a trip to Boulder, and not finding a psychiatrist so I could get my prescription renewed. My biggest