Raul’s Report: Find your “Why”

Whether you’re a first-year student or a continuing student, you’ve probably noticed there are a couple of things you can’t get away from here at CU Denver advice and opinions. Everybody’s go ’em including me, and we’re always willing to share.

Thanks to the staff here at the Sentry student newspaper. I’m able to use this space very month to share my advice and opinions. But, as you read this, you’re probably asking yourself, ‘Who is that Raul, guy and why should I listen to him?’

Well, I’m the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs with a staff of more than 200 who work tirelessly in student support areas as diverse as Financial Aid,  Scholarships and our new Student Wellness Center, which opens next spring. Your success is our top priority and sometimes that translates into advice. So, humor me.

You’re on campus, attending classes, taking exams, pursuing a degree, but why? My own son struggles with that question. he started his college career out-of-state last year and is now attending Colorado State University in Ft. Collins. My advice to him and other students is to try to find your place and attack meaning to your dreams.

As you begin to solve the puzzle of where you’re headed, you’ll start creating the educational experience that will lead you in that direction. In a very real way, the steps you start taking now will impact your career continuum moving forward.

The concrete advice here is to find the Career Center and make yourself at home. My son was unaware that the Career Center existed and was really surprised when he heard the services were offered at no charge. Counselors are in place to advise you, constant programming will guide you, and it’s never too early to get started on your path to success in the professional workplace.

There’s no better time than right now to introduce yourself to employers, distribute your resume, and experience first-hand what the career search is all about. The internship, & Job Fair is was this week, Thursday 28. The Career Center and the Experiential Learning Center have gather dozens of employers who are waiting to meet you because they know the value of hiring, or offering an internship to, CU Denver students.

During my own college days, I found the Career Center staff to be one of my best campus resources. Working with them kept my eye on the future and helped remind me about my ‘why.’ I was pursuing my degree to enter the workforce, and the resume advice and the interest inventories they offered were invaluable as I moved forward. It also helped me to know I wasn’t alone. Trust me, you’re not the only one out there who’s unsure and trying to find that ‘why,’ and knowing that can be very comforting.

Right about now is when my son would tell me I’d given him enough advice for one day, or maybe even for an entire week! So, I’ll just end with a reminder to get out there and attend the Internship & Job Fair on Thursday. Show up with your resume and get set to impress.

Go for it, Lynx – Raul Cardenas

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