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Every year, the Denver Pug Rescue hosts their annual fundraiser, Pugs in the Park. The event was lined with booths ranging from dog-themed pillows to a table where volunteers offered to clip the nails of even the most stubborn of pugs. At a booth adorned with the banner “Ask a Vet!,” a woman stood smiling behind a table covered with brochures and informational charts. For many, this day is time to celebrate the little squished fuzzy sausages that bring them joy.

The day began with a march of the pugs around the park in a pug parade. Naturally, many dog owners struggled to lure their plugs away from the “pug spa,” which had numerous inflatable pools and squeaky rubber ducks.

After the short-lived parade, some pugs resumed their game of chasing other dogs while others flopped down in the dewy grass for a short reprieve. One pug laid napping in a decorated wagon pulled by two eager children.

There was a booth where owners could take their pugs and choose form an array of costumers that the dogs would then wear. After struggling with their little wriggling bodies, the owners then propped up their pups in front of a backdrop while a professional photographer took their photos. For these pugs, it was like picture day fell on Halloween.

At 2:30, the host announced over the speaker that it was finally time for the biggest event of the day: the costume contest! Two pugs, one dressed in able wig and the other with a toy guitar, were led by a Doberman wearing a security jacket as the host introduced the group as “Katy Perry and her Entourage.” Another pug named Daisy was dressed like a daisy, complete with bright orange flow pedals peeking from around her face and complete with green leaves.

The attention to detail these owners gave their dogs’ costumes was apparent. One owner had dressed her pug in a wig and cape as Jon Snow from “Game of Bones.” Tied to Jon Snow’s leach was a skeleton and small stuffed raven, and the owner herself was dressed up as Khaleesi. Overall, Pugs in the Park is a time to meet other pug owners and to spend a whole day devoted to the sweet breed of a dog that many call their best friend.

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Writer: Padideh Aghanoury
Photos: Erica Barillari – CU Sentry

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