Larimer Lounge gets a Swedish INVSN

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Coming straight from Riot Fest in Chicago to the streets of Denver, INVSN (pronounced “invasion”) turned the local haun, Larimer Lounge into the venue of the century on Sept. 18.

Larimer Lounge is nestled on Larimer street in an old, entirely wooden “tavern” that hides one of the most unique small-time venues there is. Musicians often have to enter the venue through the same entrance as the patrons, so there is no avoiding feeling included from the very beginning. From the bar to the stage, the staff is friendly, and so are the performing artists.

The opening act was the local band Dead Orchids. From the first note, Dead Orchids took the stage and made it their own. As the opening act, they blew expectations out of the water with a constant pink glow behind their unique set of instruments, including a cello.

After their set, they were more than happy to be stopped to converse with some of the fans that showed up as they made their way through the crowd. Dead Orchid’s Danny Kerwin, the lead singer and guitarist, and Joe Jennings, drummer and keyboardist, were pleased with the turnout. Despite the small crowd, he said he was grateful for the chance to be back in Denver where they started, and be able to share their music with those who were willing to listen. Both the fans and these amazing musicians were excited for the next act, and they had a good reason to be.

From a blue light to silhouettes to a burst of color and music that captures the audience, INVSN took this venue to a whole new level. The band, hailing from the more isolated parts of northern Sweden, is very open about their stance as political activists, anticapitalists, and desire to change the world. They played chords and threw lyrics that inspired love, hate, revolution, and an overall good time.

Lead singer Dennis Lyxzén and the lead guitar player Sara Almgren brought the audience into their performance and their lives with stories of past musical endeavors, personal thoughts on public matters, and even an inside joke or two. Lyxzén shared stories and well-placed profanities before bound into the audience. Leaping from the stage or showing off some of his Napoleon Dynamite-inspired dance moves, he took the mood from rock show to rave in a matter of seconds.

INVSN is a fairly new musical project, and although all the members have performed in reincarnation of their music takes on a fresh perspective. Dubbing themselves “dystopic pop,” INVSN welcomes their fans into their world.

After INVSN gave their all on stage, they were promptly cheered back for an encore. INVSN’s encore concluded the buy merchandise and bask in the warm afterglow of a satisfying concert. If either of these amazing bands are ever back in Denver, they are not to be missed.

Attending this concert is a decision that will change views and maybe even the world.

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