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CU Denver Live!’s Art of Cooking

Photo: Ashley Bauler – CU Sentry


On Thursday Sept. 14, CU Denver Live! put on one of their most popular events: The Art of Cooking. Located at Cook Street Culinary School off Market Street, students walked from campus to the kitchen, eager to cook but even more eager to eat.

Walking into Cook Street, students were welcomed by chef Jordan Isaacson and a table of appetizers. As the kitchen filled with the voices of students talking about their courses and plans for the weekend, there were also several introductions being made. Students were encouraged to bring their friends or come alone because, either way, students are bound to meet someone new and leave knowing a fellow Lynx.

Of the 25 students that participated in the event, five had raised their hands saying they’d been to Cook Street before, and several had said that they’d come here before with CU Denver Live! One student, Stephanie, claimed that this was her fourth time coming to CU’s planning of Cook Street. She says, “for being in college, it’s easy food.” For only ten dollars a ticket, she’s got the right idea. For a small price, students are able to hang out with their friends and cook a meal they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.

Students come to Art of Cooking for an array of diverse reasons. For Jordan, he seems to be CU Denver Live!’s number one fan. He says he tries to go to all of the events put on by the organization. Not only does he have great friends to go with, but he also knows several members of CU Live, including the Chair, Ryan Kalmbach.

For other students like Kayla Kessel, it’s all about getting her badge for
graduation. As a graduating senior, she’s attempting to hit all 40 of the CU Denver. Traditions to earn herself some graduation gear. Lastly, for student Dalton Butler, the captain of the CU Denver Tennis Team, “it’s about the teamwork. It’s cool to have a bunch of students who don’t really know each other work together towards something.” First comes friends, then comes food.

Gathering around a giant island in the kitchen, attendees took their spots to start prepping food. The menu included spring rolls, chicken satay, rice in leaf packets, fried bananas and caramel. The kitchen went from a room echoing voices and laughter to almost absolute silence when the food came out. For almost ten minutes, not a word was said as the student chefs devoured their hard-earned meals.

Once the food was gone and the aprons off, students continued to meet new friends. It felt somewhat like camp as everyone was getting to know each other. The heads, Ryan Kalmbach and Brigitte, oozed warmth as they went around getting to know some of the new faces, while keeping up friendships with the old.

CU Denver Live! also has several events coming up, including Art of Costuming on Oct. 3 at The Tivoli, where students can see professional costumes and get inspiration for their very own. Following Costume Con is Masterpieces and Milkshakes, a G-rated version of a sip n’ paint.

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