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Blood Tangent | Sarai Nissan

Photo Credit: Bobby Jones

I should probably have my pharmacy’s phone number on speed dial. Do they have that anymore? Long story short, it took losing the last of my medication, a trip to Boulder, and not finding a psychiatrist so I could get my prescription renewed. My biggest qualm with finding a psychiatrist is that I hate repeating myself and I am completely, totally, 100 percent sick of telling my whole life story to a stranger and going through intake yet again.

When you’ve answered the same possibly traumatic questions for several different people who proceed to judge you, because it is literally their job, you give up and go to your GP to prescribe them for you. It works like a charm that actually only works 50 percent of the time.

Upon googling my pharmacy to find the number—hence why I should have them on speed dial-—something caught my eye. “Mobile App Rx Refills” the little Safari page on my iPhone said. Having an app for Rx refills might be the best thing (or the worst depending on how you look at it) to ever happen to the phone-phobic. Too anxious to call the pharmacy or your doctor because you are paranoid that the person on the other line might ridicule you for forgetting what day it is? (True story.) Now you don’t have to, there’s an app for that!

I will do everything humanly possible to avoid a phone conversation. There are certain nuances in human to human conversation that gets completely and utterly lost over the phone.

“She has time tomorrow at 3 p.m.” The receptionist at my doctor’s office said. “Okay, great, yeah, does she have any time on Friday?” I asked. “Tomorrow is friday.” The critical omnipotent voice said into my ear from the small speaker of my iPhone. Was she smiling, was she rolling her eyes? I’ll never know.

I will absolutely not answer a phone call unless you are one of these three people: my parents, my sisters, or my boyfriend, otherwise, sorry doll, leave a message.

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