$4.99 Spotify and Hulu bundle for college students


The growth of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify are easily outpacing traditional TV and radio services. On Sept. 9, Spotify and Hulu announced a partnership that offers US college students premium subscriptions to both services for $4.99 a month by signing up with a college email.

Much of their success has been credited to their accessibility. Being able to watch a romantic comedy or listen to the latest Taylor Swift album on an iPhone X or Nintendo Wii makes the experience more convenient and therefore more optimal. These services are also commercial-free, which is an advantage so that one won’t have to see Sarah McLachlan’s commercials again. Additionally, these services have less censorship regulations on original programs on Netflix, and Hulu and the music found on Spotify. Sometimes hearing the “bleep” sound every three seconds can get in the way of enjoying the actual song.

While these services are significantly more affordable, compared to the cost of regular cable TV the more services one adds, the more expensive the bill becomes. Normally, the cost of having a college discounted Spotify subscription is $4.99 and Hulu’s level entry subscription is $7.99 making this a good deal for students wanting to get both services at a reasonable price.

“I think this partnership will appeal to students who will like that they can have music and TV subscription for less than the price of one month of Netflix,” Dakota Edmonds, CU Grad-student said. CU Denver Alumni, Antonio Castaneda added on by saying, “It’s awesome. Why haven’t they had it sooner?”

This is the perfect bundle for CU Denver students to keep entertained while commuting to campus or use as a distraction to avoid the mid-term exam studies.

“In bringing Spotify and Hulu together, we’re able to offer students access to the world’s best music, TV, and movie content in the simplest possible way,” Alex Nordstrom, Chief Premium Business Officer at Spotify, said. Netflix currently owns the crown for having the most subscribers on their service (over 104 Millions unique users as of July 2017, CNN). This partnership with one of the biggest music services will edge on more to make the switch or add the additional service.

Following the announcement, Hulu has also gone the extra mile by spending $2.5 billion to create new content on their service. is exceeds the spending of other technology giants like Apple and Facebook. While no specific shows or movies were specified on being funded by this budget, it can be presumed as being Hulu’s attempt to obtain more subscribers.

Internet streaming offers what traditional TV doesn’t and that is a ordability, accessibility and less parental control. This is just the beginning of this trend. Expect more companies that offer streaming communications to partner up and obtain the best shows, exclusive content, and fight to deliver their content to their main consumer: college students.

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