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Second of Spring | Beaches: Album Review

The psychedelic rock group Beaches draws inspiration from rock music of the 60’s and 70’s, but other than mimicking the captivating sounds of Janis Joplin or The Beatles, Beaches’ new album Second of Spring offered little to capture attention.

With powerful instrumentals, there is no doubt that Beaches is a skilled group. The fault in this album lies not in Beaches’ musical ability but rather in the lack of variation throughout the record with tracks like “Turning,” a four-minute tune with looping instrumentals and goals. The song offers no real lyrical content, nor any stand-out instrumentation. As the opening track to Second of Spring, this song falls flat. The album consists of little dynamic or rhythmic contrast, which quickly becomes monotonous.

However, there are some track which break from this redundant pattern. The album’s second song, “Void” opens with a more energetic riff, creative lyrics, and aggressive drum hits that complement this driving sound. This creates a melancholy sound that breaks away from the upbeat standard of the other tracks. While such standout songs are few and between, tracks like “Void” attest to Beaches’ musical ability.

Despite its faults, the psychedelic sound of the album boldly breaks away from mainstream music trends. There is no doubt that combining the groups’ talent with greater musical variation would result in a spectacular work of art. But for the time being, the repetitive sounds of Second of Spring are more suited for subtle background jams than anything else.

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