Look What You Made Me Do | Taylor Swift: Single Review

Taylor Swift’s new single “Look What You Made Me Do” is shockingly different from the Taylor Swift fans and viewers have seen over the years. Swift has traversed through the forms of the country sweetheart to the classy pop star.

Now, Swift is taking on something darker. She still wears her bright red lipstick, but she is offering the end of an era and presenting a new musical style that is faster and more ominous than before. Her new single wiped all traces of the Taylor Swift evolutions. Her Choppy and bass-filled single go along with her meaningful lyrics that sound like metaphors for death and dark times. Swift uses vocal imagery that expresses the ideas of nightmares, evil and bad karma.

Swift’s new single has a bold stance and gets the point across that fans and viewers can expect a new version of Taylor Swift to come to light.

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