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L.A. Witch | L.A. Witch: Album Review

Artist: L.A. Witch
Album: L.A. Witch
Release date: Sept 8th, 2017

L.A. Witch’s debut album, L.A. Witch, was released via Suicide Squeeze Records. This psychedelic punk rock band has taken rock on an acid trip and brought it back with a bit of a headache.

L.A. Witch brought this new sound from L.A. to the rest of the US with a bluesy-rock base, as well as an interesting lyrical style. Sade Sanchez, lead singer and guitarist for the band, brings a unique sound with her as well, sounding more and more similar to singer Elle King as the tracks play on. The wispy, country-blues vocals over psychedelic rock sound throws fans into something most are unlikely to have heard before.

One of L.A. Witch’s most unique tracks, “Get Lost,” speaks to audiences on every level, but part of this message gets lost just when the lyrics become so whimsical that they are unable to be understood. Unfortunately, this trends to be a common occurrence on the album, taking away from everything this band wants to give their audience.

Despite a flaw or two, L.A. Witch seems to be coming from Los Angeles to the rest of the country and the rest of the world as they head to the U.K. this month. With such haste that they might just spark the return of psychedelic rock. Until they work their magic, kick back and get list in L.A. Witch’s new album.

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