Knock-out lineup at Globe Hall

Photo: Korina Rojo - CU Sentry


On Sep. 6th, Red Bull Sound Select put on a show at the unpretentious locale Globe Hall, a relatively small but laidback venue. Despite the show being on a Wednesday night, over 160 people in their 20s and 30s showed up to support the three headliners. The showcase was curated by Conseqence of Sound and presented Overslept, Thick Business, and The Hotelier.

As Overslept (a local band from Denver since 2015,) took the stage in their ratty band T-shirts and jeans, they quickly captivated the audience with a remix of “Too Good” by Drake and featuring Rihanna. Elias Armao, the lead vocalist and guitarist, slowed the song down at first, but it quickly sped up and became very upbeat and rock-like once the drum beats and the guitar chords coincided. The audience careened together with the band, bobbing their heads to the music and enjoying themselves.

Overslept continued the pattern with the rest of the songs that were played that night. Many songs started off slow, but quickly resumed their indie-rock sound. Through their style of music is primary rock, some hardcore and acoustic pop seeped into their influences. To say the least, Overslept put on a great performance and set the bat high for the other two bands to come.

Taking the stage next was Thick Business who came all the way from Boise, Idaho. Wearing overalls with a beer in one hand and tuning the keyboard with the other hand, Sarah Pincock, the vocalist, set the vibe for the second performance. The sound of the second band was definitely a change from the opening band. The sound shifted grin rick ‘n’ roll to more psychedelic sounds.

The audience transitioned from thrashing movements and head bobs to swaying back and forth during Thick Business’ set. Each song the band played had different vibe to it. One song had the audience grooving and was upbeat, while the next song was slowed down and the psychedelic sounds overtook the room.

Finishing five minutes short, the audience requested for the band to play one more song. The crowd enjoyed their performance and their encore did not disappoint either. The last song, Thick Business played had more of a rock feel to it, completely different than all the other songs played. People jumped around dancing, bringing the energy back up for the last and final performance.

The Hotelier, a trio from Worcester, took the stage last, and the energy in the crowd was higher than it had been all night. Clearly this was the band the majority of people came to see. People sang along to all of The Hotelier’s songs while dancing and swaying to the alternative rock music. The guitarists and vocalists of the band kept their energy up the entire time, jumping around to the beat of the song.

During all three performances, the crowd and the bands fed off of each other’s energy. The crowd enjoyed each and every performance and all three bands left everything on the stage that night, making for one hell of a show.

Photo: Korina Rojo – CU Sentry

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