Broad City’s season premiere reveals backstory


In a dizzying, hilarious homage to the film Sliding Doors, Broad City’s Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson return to Comedy Central for the show’s premiere episode of season four. Splitting the story of how the pair met into two parallel dimensions, the episode explores a chance encounter that led to a thriving friendship. And, as usual, a lot of weed is involved.

The duo penned the episode back in season one when they weren’t quite sure if the first season would lead to another one, let alone three. However, on the advice of Amy Poehler, who serves as one of the executive producers of the show, Glazer and Jacobson held off to establish a more invested audience. According to Jacobson, “no one would really care about how [Ilana and I] met when they don’t really know us as characters. It wouldn’t have the same impact.”

The episode shows one reality where Ilana and Abbi miss the train, leading Ilana to shrug work off and asking Abbi to hang out. The pair spend an entire day smoking weed, eating pizza, and even visiting a psychic, played by the timeless and token sage Constance Shulman, who predicts an impending tragedy.

The other reality shows the duo making the train and parting ways after their brief encounter. The audience follows both the girls’ days, and watches them unfold with one inconvenience after another. Ilana, sitting on the median smoking weed after a long day, is recognized by Abbi. The two begin talk-ing and end up as friends after committing a small act of vandalism as per usual. Either way, the two were destined to cross paths.

New Episodes of Broad City are available on Comedy Central every Wednesday, at 8:30 p.m.

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