Tivoli Brewery celebrates second anniversary


On Friday, Sept. 8, the Tivoli Brewery hosted a beer festival to celebrate its two-year anniversary of the opening of their taproom located inside the Tivoli Brewery.

With around 15 beer tents and live music, there was plenty of fun to be had even excluding their famous beers. Plastic cups overflowing with beer were being passed around, almost as much as the laughs and pats on the back. The mini-festival felt like a family barbecue, where old friends gathered around to cheer to their fortunes while helping those in need.

Each year, the Tivoli Brewing Company aims to host around four events where they can show off their locally crafted beers and prove that after a little break, they’re better than ever. The Tivoli Brewery that once began solely as a distributor, is now the home to several local beers and looms high above the campus grounds serving as the backdrop for students walking to class.

When walking up to the front of the Tivoli were two brand new Bentley’s parked at the entry gates. Among other supporters were Kids Mobility, a charity which helps improve children’s wheel chairs; Mier Skis, who auctioned off a pair of custom-made Tivoli branded snowboards and skis; and Dime Denver. Local charities teamed up with breweries to create an event that most people couldn’t refuse helping local people and great beer.

Known by seemingly everyone at the event, Corey Marshall, the owner of Tivoli Brewing, was smiling ear to ear. Before the music began, Marshall took the stage to thank everyone for their support and participation in welcoming the new Tivoli Brewery Taproom.

“The brewery welcomes all people”

Years ago, what was just a student lounge with a view of the giant copper kettles is now a popular restaurant with a patio viewing the Auraria campus’ quad. After raising beers to cheers Marshall, the festivities continued. Live music from Woodshed Red rang out over the Quad as several dodgeball games picked up simultaneously with the beer-drinkers.

The brewery welcomes all people through their doors; however, it pulls in students with the offer of a discount on food with their student I.D. With more than 50 tap lines, even the pickiest of beer-drinkers are sure to find at least one that fits their fancy. Students are able to come after class and grab a few beers with friends, or pop in for a snack between classes. The student brain always seems to work better with a little bit of beer in it, anyway. The patio also offers communal tables where students from all schools can meet one another.

Not only does the Tivoli Brewery serve as a restaurant and a meeting place for students and locals, but it also allows students to work in the Tivoli Brewery Taproom and put their time towards class credits while learning the ins and outs of the beer industry. The brewery seems to be equally as charitable as it is innovative. Giving back to the community through charities, student discounts, and even learning opportunities, Marshall and his team seem to have no bounds when it comes to giving back.

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