Non-traditional Greek Life at CU Denver


After months of surveying students, meetings with higher administration, and collaborating with other organization, Non-Traditional Greek Life preparations are underway.

Since the project passed, student organizations such as SGA and the Non-Traditional Greek Life committee have been working tirelessly over the summer and will continue to work over the academic year to push for Non-Traditional Greek Life to become active in the near future.

“I’ve collected dozens of manuals. It takes a lot of reviewing,” Amanda French said.

After the initiative was passed, French was hired as a Grad Assistant for Non-Traditional Greek Life. French is responsible for reaching out to other Greek Life organizations in the nation and collecting data and information in order to create a comprehensive manual that’s in accordance with CU Denver’s mission and values.

“I’ve been creating relationships with universities across the country to gain best practices,” French said. “We want to cover as many bases as possible, so we’re not caught off guard if something occurs.”

Non-Traditional Greek Life is different not only because of the lack of housing, but because of the way it’s being managed. There will be more focus on academic and career pursuits, inclusivity and diversity, financial accessibility, and ultimately, creating a safe space for students of all identities where they feel accepted.

There’s heavy oversight with Greek Life on campus,” French said. “There’s a lot of intent with regards to the purpose, the values, the mission, and the commitment to diversity and inclusion with the program itself.”

Greek Life has had a bad rap for many reasons, including the ongoing cases of sexual assault, hazing, and alcohol abuse in different Greek Life chapters around the nation. French understands the discomfort of introducing Greek life to campus, but urges students concerned that it’s not the traditional type of Greek Life that these negative connotations are associated with.

“A huge part of the initiative is going to be bringing the pieces back to the campus. What I think will be a huge difference is the requirements and the message,” French said. “A lot of these concerns that you see at other universities come from a lack of support that is provided to the programs themselves, so [it’s] having a lot of transparency, ensuring the students are really educated before they move into joining an organization.”

This semester, French, the Non-Traditonal Greek Life committee under SGA, and other individuals such as Vice Chancellor Raul Cardenas have been working hard to create a manual for the project which will be completed by the end of the semester and move on to reaching out and visiting national organizations that mimic CU Denver’s values and program. From there, student outreach initiatives will be conducted to garner more interest and information on the student’s needs. French is adamant the program will be active and become a popular staple to the community in the near future.

Overall, SGA, French, and the administration are hoping to create a space where students of all backgrounds and identities can grow and be nurtured.

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