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“Potheads always welcome” is the sign that welcomes customers when they first walk into Ice Cream Riot, an ice cream shop on Colfax that has been open since 2014. The store hasn’t been open for very long, but because of their delicious dessert selection, they will be open for many years to come.

Ice Cream Riot is capitalizing on the legalization of marijuana in Colorado. This is a smart business plan, considering the munchies that marijuana users get after smoking.

From celebrities like Jon Stewart, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and even former president Barack Obama, Ice Cream Riot features many pictures on its walls of celebrities with ice cream, either in their hand or in the picture elsewhere.

Ice Cream Riot is home to the Pop Tart ice cream sandwich ($5). It is arguably one of the best items on the menu. The hardness of the Pop Tarts and the soft, creaminess of the ice cream is a great combination that will please anyone. Ice Cream Riot also has many other ice cream sandwiches that will make any ice cream lover happy. The other sandwiches include a Nutella sandwich ($3), a cookies and cream ice cream sandwich ($3), and even an ice cream sandwich rolled in Reese’s Pieces ($3). Customers can get up to three scoops for $5 and a waffle or a pretzel cone for an extra $1. In addition to the extensive dessert menu, there are milkshakes on the menu ($6) which can only be described as divine.

The exterior of the building is subtle, with its name on the edge of a black awning above the storefront. The interior is aesthetically pleasing with a simple design, with black chairs, black tables, and stools that sit at the window, looking onto the street. The shop also has great customer service, which is a must-have for any restaurant, especially a local ice cream shop. Furthermore, there is a mix of old-school and new school rock ‘n’ roll constantly playing over the speakers that music lovers of any generation will enjoy.

Ice Cream Riot could easily turn into a hangout spot for any group of friends who love ice cream because of its relaxed, homey atmosphere, great music, and exquisite and extensive selection of ice cream.

Age doesn’t matter at Ice Cream Riot as long as customers love ice cream, because any ice cream-lover will be happy with their experience when they go. Going to Ice Cream Riot is the best way to spend any day because it has the best sweet treats in the city.

Ice Cream Riot is inexpensive and incredibly delicious, with a terrific and unique spin on the ice cream sandwich. It is great for anyone with a sweet tooth or even the self-proclaimed ice cream expert.

Located at: 1238 E. Colfax Ave. Denver, CO 80218

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