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AHS: Cult Launches controversial season


American Horror Story: Cult premiered its season seven episode “Election Night” on Sept. 5, and viewers can expect an especially political season.

The anthology series is known for its bizarre themes and graphic content. This season focuses on what happened after Donald Trump was elected president. Throughout this season, audiences can expect many political and controversial topics to be brought up such as LGBTQ+ rights, foreign policy, Planned Parenthood and abortion, as well as the ongoing divide that has caused rising tension between Democrats and Republicans.

This season also brings back two favorites: Evan Peters, who portrays a racist Trump supporter named Kai, and Sarah Paulson, who portrays Ally, a lesbian who suffers from coulrophobia (fear of clowns) and trypophobia (fear of holes). These characters are greatly affected when Trump is elected president, so much that Peters’ character, Kai, begins to perform obscene acts and Paulson’s character’s phobias are driven out of control.

As if that isn’t crazy enough, the theme of AHS: Cult centers around a cult of clowns. Last year, the ‘killer clown craze’ that struck fear and disbelief across the US is depicted in this season and brings back an AHS favorite: Twisty the Clown, who appeared in season four’s Freak Show.

There isn’t much information as to why there is a cult of killer clowns terrorizing the city, but audiences can look forward to seeing blood, gore, and jaw-dropping moments the series is known to never stray from.

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