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Daily Archives: September 20, 2017

Pencil Shavings | Tessa Blair

I’m always late to the bandwagon. Harry Potter was yesterday’s news by the time I picked up the first book, I have yet to read any of the Hunger Games, and I’m currently working on binge watching every episode of Game of Thrones before season

From the Editor | Taylor Kirby

HOMETOWN Small town America is a polarizing space. When small town also equals hometown, the phrase becomes even more charged. For some, small towns signify comfort, constancy, and a place that can’t be left behind. For others, it represents a vacuum. Stagnation. A place that

Non-traditional Greek Life at CU Denver

CU DENVER TO SEE CHAPTERS IN FUTURE After months of surveying students, meetings with higher administration, and collaborating with other organization, Non-Traditional Greek Life preparations are underway. Since the project passed, student organizations such as SGA and the Non-Traditional Greek Life committee have been working

Stranger Than Fiction | Matt Kriese

In the world of American news coverage, there is a perpetual emphasis on our own political climate. While yes, this means we get to enjoy a good deal of narcissistic pleasure at the expense of politicians and their blunders; it also distances the American public

Where to find the best cheap coffee in Denver

AFFORDABLE LOCAL OPTIONS FOR STUDENTS Let’s face it: college students are poor. It’s almost inevitable for their wallets to become thinner as the semester begins, with money slipping out of bank accounts and straight into bills, loans, and tuition. It’s also true that students need

The Minority Report | Ashley Kim

Birthdays are my favorite because it’s an opportunity to openly express our appreciation for another person’s existence something I feel we don’t do enough, and something I wish didn’t feel so exclusive to birthdays. Since we are publishing on my birthday, I only thought it

Wake The Dead at the Milk Bar

On Sept. 15, there was a refreshing breeze in the night air, a welcome change from the 80-degree heat Colorado has been experiencing and Broadway became wet from the unforeseen rain storm, gleaming like obsidian. It was as good a night as any to attend

French works to bring Greek Life to CU

NON-TRADITIONAL GREEK LIFE TO COME SOON As a result of CU Denver student interest, the foundation for Greek Life at CU Denver is presently underway. Amanda French was hired in mid July as the Graduate Assistant for Non-Traditional Greek Life (NGL). Her role entails developing

Blood Tangent | Sarai Nissan

I’ve propped myself up in my bed, really just a mattress on a dirty hardwood floor that I try to make look nice sunbathing in the light from the screen of my laptop. I open Google Chrome until there are six windows at the bottom