Denver’s hometown heroes have big plans

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The local Colorado band Tyto Alba has a personality that is with their big plans. The Denver band that formed in 2014 consists of Melanie Steinway, Matt Rossi, Danny Dimarchi, and Andrew Beir.

Steinway and Rossi knew they wanted to play together after they heard each other perform at a singer-songwriter performance. Later, Dimarchi jumped in and Beir joined soon after.

Tyto Alba’s unusual name often invokes the question of how it came about. “I like how Latin sounds,” Steinway said. Tyto Alba actually directly translates to “barn owl” from Latin. This name also happens to describe how Rossi and Steinway acted when they first met. “We were like owls,” Steinway said, referring to the sounds that barn owls make, crooning all the time and always staying up late.

The band feels like they have come far in terms of how their sound has progressed, and part of that progress is attributed to the bands that inspire them like: Ian Sweet, Alvvays, The Still Tide, and Daughter.

Finding a band that truly enjoys each others company could be an eighth wonder of the world. “We found out we were all blood related,” Steinway said. She claims that realization was when the group truly bonded. The band thought the discovery was bizarre but also intriguing, and definitely something they will remember forever.

These kindred spirits fit together like puzzle pieces; their kinship shows in how they do almost every activity together. Tyto Alba has many projects for their fans to look forward to, one of them being a music video.

“Watching Matt eat two ice cream cones at the same time and sitting in a cuddle puddle while camping and watching the eclipse in complete totality,” Steinway said. “that is going to be our music video for ‘Some Houses’,” Rossi said, in reply to his band member. The band then joked about making it the video for their whole album. Their fun and crazy creativity really shines in the way they talk and joke with each other.

The band has unique ideas about what they think the ideal response would be from an audience. When first approached with this question, Dimarchi and Rossi agreed with a hint of sarcasm that nudity would be ideal. “No. Blood orgy,” Steinway said, and the rest of the band had to agree; the band laughed and played with the idea, they are so creative and clearly have fun with each other.

All the members of Tyto Alba started out with pretty typical “rock ‘n’ roller” reasons to form a band. “I had an instrument so I had to play,” the band said.“To get the chicks,” and “because I was bored.”

For whatever reason they started, they all can agree that they love playing music for this simple reason: they adore it.

They are proud of their sound now. They feel like they have gotten to the point where they can play comfortably together. The members of Tyto Alba have learned to play with each other and not play over each other.

The band boasts a lively energy and clearly have a close bond. They will be playing at Syntax Physic Opera on Sept. 21, and in October they will be going on tour with: Arc Flash and The So Help Me’s.

By the end of the year, Tyto Alba wants to make a record as well. Dimarchi wants to make an effort to help Hurricane Harvey victims and is thinking of a way to do that from the band’s performances. Fans and listeners can expect more tours and more of their stunning music.

Photo: Korina Rojo – CU Sentry

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