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Students rally to help colleagues facing Crisis


The committee within the Student Government Association, Students in Crisis (SIC), is working on several large projects that will impact the Auraria Campus, including grade forgiveness and helping the population of homeless students. “We want to help students who are facing some type of insecurity,” Brigitte Nguyen Chair of Students in Crisis, said.

Unlike schools such as CU Boulder, CU Denver does not offer grade forgiveness. This means that if a student has taken a class once and failed, but then retakes the class and gets a better grade, their transcript will reflect both grades: the pass and the fail. This is problematic for students who are trying to get into specific schools, whether it be on or off campus.

Being as both grades are taken into student’s GPAs, the fail grade directly brings down a students GPA regardless of if they got an A in the course the second time. There are hopes of soon getting a petition off the ground and allowing students to receive the GPA they deserve.

Along with trying to get Dean approval for grade forgiveness, the Students in Crisis committee is also working with the Director of the Wellness Center, Amber Long, and the Food Pantry. The Food Pantry is currently located in Tivoli 127, but is in the works of moving to the new Student Wellness Center when it opens in the spring semester.

The Food Pantry gives students, and family members of students, access to food provided by SGA and student donations. Students are allotted a certain number of points and food is categorized by these points. Then, students are able to choose what they want to shop for and pay through the points. All they need is a student ID. In addition to the Food Pantry, SIC is partnering with the Loving Lynx Fund and working on a clothing bank to have students facing hard times rent clothes for interviews.

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