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Daily Archives: September 13, 2017

Off Book is a new, refreshing podcast

IMPROV PODCAST KEEPS LISTENERS ENTERTAINED Off Book: The Improvised Musical debuted on July 25. The podcast is hosted by Zach Reino and Jessica McKenna. Reino and McKenna have been fan favorites when featured on other comedy podcasts such as Comedy Bang! Bang! and Hard Nation.

DACA | From the Editor | Taylor Kirby

96,000 What would you do if you won the lottery? is becomes the central question of In the Heights’ first act, and every character hypothetically spends their $96,000 differently. One dreams of returning to the Dominican Republic, the very same country his parents left to

Skywalker | Miguel: Single Review

Artist: King Krule Single: Czech One Release date: Aug. 23rd, 2017 On Aug. 25 Miguel came back with a new song “Sky Walker” and it is just as good as his previous hits. He returned with a unique track that is unusual for Miguel, but

Czech One | King Krule: Single Review

Artist: King Krule Single: Czech One Release date: Aug. 23rd, 2017 On Aug. 23, the 24-year-old Brit Archy Marshall, known as King Krule, released his killer single, “Czech One.” The single is a very deep and dark poetic track with heartbreaking emotion. Marshall’s low voice,

American Dream | LCD Soundsystem: Album Review

Artist: LCD Soundsystem Album: American Dream Release date: 2017 LCD Soundsystem is back with their new album, American Dream, released on Sept. 1. The band has not produced an album since the earlier half of 2014, and the gap in music production shows on this

Okovi | Zola Jesus: Album Review

Artist: Zola Jesus Album: Okovi Record Label: Sacred Bones Record Musician Zola Jesus returns with an epic array of her classical goth pop melodies in her fifth studio album, Okovi. This emotionally indebted work was released on Sept. 8 and marks her second return with

Blood Tangent | Sarai Nissan

I didn’t bother leaving the house that morning. I told myself I had better things to do than sit around listening to half-hearted friends that I couldn’t care less about, but we all know I didn’t. I scrolled through Tumblr absentmindedly before I noticed: this