Without Love | Alice Glass: Single Review

Artist: Alice Glass
Single: Without Love
Release date: 2017

Alice Glass has released her new single “Without Love,” post-Crystal Castles career. Crystal Castles is a dark electronic band associated with the witch house genre and is nothing short of spell-binding, melodic, and demonic at the same time. The song is unlike that of her music during her Crystal Castles days.

It is more sanguine and her voice is more clear and decipherable. This single very much mimics the sound and aesthetic of the singer Grimes in her voice and the tempo of the song. Glass has shed her dark persona and become far more interactive rather than the mysterious interview dodger she was before. But this isn’t her best work. The song is repetitive and weak, but it’s good to see Glass embarking on another musical venture after leaving Crystal Castles. Glass left the group in 2014 and has been keeping a pretty low profile ever since. This new single shows her metamorphosis into another persona.

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