Beast Epic | Irone & Wine: Album Review

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Artist: Iron & Wine
Album: Beast Epic
Release date: Aug. 15th, 2017

After nearly four years, Iron & Wine released its newest album on Aug. 15. The lead singer, Sam Beam has returned to hiss original roots in Beast Epic, bringing back warm and familiar instrumentals that are heard in his earlier albums.

Songs within this album are far from the pop songs that are usually heard on the radio. As stated by Beam, the album captures “the beauty and pain of growing up after you’ve already grown up.” at being said, this album is more likely to resonate with older generations rather than a younger crowd.

Beast Epic wouldn’t be considered the “pump-up music” type of album; the sound of guitar and the acoustics make this the type of album more suited to be listened to around a camp fire or with headphones after a grueling day.

Beam’s intention behind this album was captured impeccably throughout the collection. From his first song to his last, Beam takes the listener on a journey as he reminisces through the ups and the downs in his own life.

Ironically, the most upbeat song is called “Bitter Truth.” This song portrays what seems like a low point in Beam’s life, detailing a relationship that didn’t work out. Both the sound and the lyrics of this song are fantastic.

This album is nothing short of his best work. Featuring 11 of his newest songs, Beast Epic portrays the story of Sam Beam—who he was and who he has become.

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