Grizzly Bear | Painted Ruins

Indie-rock group Grizzly Bear has returned with the Aug. 18 release of their new album, Painted Ruins. The group’s previous album, Shields was released back in 2012, and their hiatus seemed to aid in the development of the band’s new sound.

Their romantic and experimental melodies are still present with a freshened twist such as in “Three Rings,” where we hear synth piano blended with electric guitar notes. The heightened contemporary sound is due to the inclusion of the synth, which is accompanied with vocal reverb that was not as prevalent in their previous work.

Throughout the record, the tempo is fairly consistent. Some of the tones such as in “Losing All Sense” are quite despondent and coincide with the lyric, “I was able to drift away from here. I have lost all control.”

“Aquarian” is the star of the album and leaves quite the impression on the listener. It begins with a dynamic build up of swift yet tranquil piano notes seamlessly paired with David Rossen’s harmonized vocals. All the songs in Painted Ruins held their own and provided a solid, narrative album.

The gloomy lyrics and tones are not overbearing and are just enough to keep listeners tuned in. The blend of texture provided throughout all the melodies and sounds in this album are a disorienting pleasure.

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