Foster The People | Doing It For The Money

Foster the People’s latest single off their newest album, Sacred Hearts Club, titled “Doing It for the Money” warranted an absurd music video and the band delivered in spades. The visuals border on psychedelic and are almost undecipherable in thought. It is hard to grasp what Foster the People meant when creating this music video, but nonetheless, it sparks deeper thoughts after being watched.

The video starts out with a blurb about how humans have experienced dreams since their creation, and it’s only in recent times that computers can delve into their subconscious. The video seems to portray what computers might see when they themselves are dreaming.

The video feels like an acid trip and can be a little bit disorienting. The pulsating colors and unclear imagery mixes with arbitrary members of the animal kingdom and overlap with the band performing the song is a lot more jarring watching it than just reading about it.

Mark Foster, the lead singer and creator of Foster the People, is known for extremely intricate concepts and their songs reciprocate that complexity. For Foster, this video isn’t out of character. The song is about not doing things for the money. Perhaps the video is a mish mash of what they merely thought was cool, the idea being that they don’t care how it’s perceived because they aren’t in it for the money. Anyone’s guess is just as good as the next person’s, but the video is an interestingly bizarre concept worthy of further analysis.

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