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Welcome Week wows students with endless fun


Welcome Week excelled at promoting the interests of students by giving them opportunities to feel connected to campus. The first week back from summer vacation has an unprecedented ability to make students feel a crippling sense of nostalgia for the freedom they experienced a matter of days ago; however, there is always something that eases the transition into the school year. At CU Denver, there are few events that make the transition feel smoother than Welcome Week.

Welcome Week has become a tradition on the Auraria campus for years. This week features unique events that are designed to bring students together. Every day has a different, unique event.

A general breakdown of what the week looked like begins with Monday’s Student Activities Day on the Tivoli quad where numerous students viewed the eclipse, Student Advisory Committee to the Auraria Board SACAB/Student Government Association SGA Day at the Lawrence Street Mall on Tuesday, Wednesday had the Student Involvement Fair and a showing Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Thursday saw Outdoor Activities Day at the Lawrence Street Mall and, of course, the most anticipated CU Denver Block Party.

All students from the Auraria campus were welcome to attend any event that was taking place during Welcome Week. Perhaps the most impressive example of this tri-institutional camaraderie was witnessed on Monday during the eclipse. It is difficult to discern whether or not the cosmic event or the massive amounts of student interest groups caused such a massive turnout to the events on the Tivoli quad that day; but, it is obvious that something special was occurring between these students. “I had tons of fun,” said CU Denver business student Jonathan Nguyen. “The popcorn was great, the booths were great, and the hospitality and attitude of all the students and staff was great. Seeing the eclipse wasn’t too shabby either!

Students poured into the quad en masse in an attempt to catch a glimpse at the exceptionally rare celestial event occurring around many student resources.

Most notably, however, the CU Denver Block Party managed to attract students to an impressive degree. Kelly Mason, the new Assistant Director of Events & Partnerships at CU Denver said, “The Events & Partnerships team is here to help students feel connected to campus through large, campus-wide events like the Block Party.” When asked about what the party will promote she said, “This year, we will be highlighting the approach of the opening of the Student Wellness Center by having a climbing wall at the Block Party. We are so excited for the Student Wellness Center to be completed this Spring! I’m also very excited about some entertainment we are bringing to the event, including some surprises that you have to come out and see. There will be performances by DJ Chonz from KS 107.5, Wildermiss, and Edison.”

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