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Annabelle: Creation sets the tone for the season

Photo: The Suffolk Voice


Nothing screams fall is right around the corner like the release of new horror films. The prequel to The Conjuring and Annabelle, Annabelle: Creation, was released on Aug. 11, and the movie is both thrilling and frightening.

In 2013, The Conjuring was released. In the movie, the Annabelle doll was first introduced, but little was said about it. Just a year later, the first Annabelle movie was released. The premise revolved around the idea that anybody who possessed the doll would experience supernatural events, usually brought on by evil, demon-like beings. The doll was clearly haunted and controlled by something evil. However, the movies did not portray how or why the doll came to be feared. That is, not until Annabelle: Creation.

The film is set in the early 1940s. The father in the movie, Samuel Mullins, is a doll-maker. Among the many dolls he handcrafted and sold was the infamous Annabelle doll that is seen in all three movies.

The beginning of the movie takes a little while to set the tone of the film, but it picks up shortly after the real Annabelle, who is actually Samuel’s young daughter, gets hit by an oncoming car and killed. Later, Samuel Mullins’ wife, Esther Mullins, explains that in their grieving they wanted to have their little girl back that they were okay with any form of communication with her. To prolong this communication with their beloved daughter, they gave permission to a spirit to take over the Annabelle doll.

Horror movie junkies know all about Ouija boards and how summoning spirits is dangerous. People are always advised to not play with these boards because they never know what spirits are truly being summoned. Like in most horror movies, when an evil spirit is summoned, it turns out to be the kind that will not leave until it takes another soul from the living. Annabelle did not stray away from this classic plot pattern.

The Mullins began to come into contact with an unknown entity, which they believed was their deceased daughter. Instead, whatever they were communicating with was not Annabelle at all, but rather something evil: a demon. Before the parents were aware of this, they gave permission for the demon to take form in the handcrafted doll made by Samuel. Thus, the evil doll, Annabelle, was created.

The rest of the movie is set 12 years later. A group of foster girls are invited to stay at the Mullins’ household. The girls are given the freedom to explore the house, except for one room. Janice, one of the orphans, is summoned by the demon to this forbidden room and unleashes the demon that was believed by the Mullins to have been put to rest.

Overall, Annabelle: Creation was well written and produced. Though the idea behind Annabelle’s creation was attention-grabbing and interesting, it was missing originality. There have been several other horror movies, such as The Boy, where an evil energy takes form in an inanimate object.

Regardless, the movie will keep viewers on the edge of their seats and on their toes for nearly the entire movie. Unlike other horror movies, the graphic representation of the evil spirit is truly frightening and adds to the horror in the movie. Ultimately, Annabelle: Creation set a great precedent for the upcoming horror films this season.

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