Wind down with your pup at Fort Greene Bar

Photo Credit: Nicole Elizabeth


Fort Greene Bar is a small, old- fashioned establishment nestled in the ever-evolving neighborhood of Globeville. Located at 321 E 45th Ave., the bar is best known for its exquisite speakeasy aesthetic, decor, and food menu, which includes everything from bar snacks to indulgent pizzas. Fort Greene is often host to a slew of entertaining events showcasing Denver’s unique nightlife scene. On Aug. 7, Fort Greene hosted their monthly pet bash: the Doggie Party Happy Hour.

Eleanor Cheetham is the bar’s most recent proprietor. She organizes multiple events with her dog, Guthrie, who also happens to be the bar mascot. There was an older crowd who convened at this watering hole with  about 20 dogs in attendance. The dogs casually climbed atop the tables and looked as if they were enjoying themselves just as much as their owners were.

“Fort Greene has actually been a handful of dive bars over the years, most unknown to the general public,” Cheetham said. “The back bar, which we are so lucky to have, is from the 1890s. One of three came pieces from an unknown Colorado hotel and was brought into the bar in the 1960s.”

The 1880s building has been home to multiple gatherings throughout its lifetime. Originally, it was a Slovenian and Polish dance hall. More recently, the space has taken multiple forms as the Portoluca Cafe, the White Owl, and Crash 45 before it became Fort Greene.  The history of the building is one that Fort Greene strives to cultivate and protect: a gathering place for locals.

“After Crash 45 closed down, where I bartended for three years, I bought the business, remodeled, and reopened as Fort Greene Bar,” Cheetham said. “We host an array of events intended to bring all types of crowds into Fort.”

Fort Greene has become one of Globeville’s most cherished local spots and also one of the most dog-friendly. The first Monday evening party invites all Denverites to bring along their canine friends and indulge in Fort Greene’s all-night happy hour, which includes $2 beers and $7 cocktails on their back patio. Ivan’s All Natural Doggie Delights, a self-described “food truck for dogs,” also attends the event to provide all dog friends with delicious treats.

The goal of the Doggie Happy Hour is to provide a space where people can take their furry friends and wind down after a long day. The event is crowded with puppies of all breeds and sizes. Any patrons could enjoy their evening with their furry friend and stop by for a doggie therapy session on the patio.

“I would hope to have more events of all kinds with the aim of bringing in diversity to create an ever-shifting dynamic space,” Cheetham said. She hopes to take the future of the bar further in the direction that they are already spearheading: creating a community.

“We have a strong community at the bar, made up of people from all walks of life; we offer everything from doggie happy hour to Moto Markets, movie nights and all types of bands and DJs as well,” Cheetham said. “The variety mixes it up where everyone feels welcome.”

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